Dryads is wood nymphs and you may forest morale who live from inside the trees

Dryads is wood nymphs and you may forest morale who live from inside the trees


Dryads are known for fiercely guarding woods and you may often find her or him messaging toward trees they cover. These types of fae believe it’s its duty so you can discipline anybody whom commits crimes up against Characteristics and their wrath is not anything we wish to come upon.


New Irish Dullahan (possibly spelled Dulachan otherwise Dullachan and you may noticable doo-luh-han) is actually a frightening and you will insane male or female headless driver galloping through the black, dispersed fear, distress, and you may catastrophe to the home, countrysides, locations, or some one drifting roads late into the evening.

Dullahan often is for the demons, ghosts, or Fae. It often carries their severed lead that’s energized having enchanting overall performance and can get a hold of to possess miles. Either its pony are headless too.

You may recognize good Dullahan due to the fact motivation and you may layout to own brand new Headless Horseman in the Legend of Sleepy Empty by the Washington Irvine.

Although not, a beneficial Dullahan differs from the fresh Headless Horseman in a few implies. First off, a Dullahan could possibly get whip your vision out nonetheless it never eliminates anyone.

not, encountering a good Dullahan was a terrible caution, and you can crossing paths which have one is not an optimistic omen. Most likely, you or someone close are affected a tragic passing. Certain stories condition the newest Dullahan’s whip is composed of an individual lower back.

The newest Dullahan legend to begin with emerged in the 19th-millennium Irish folklore selections such as for example Fairy Stories and Traditions of your Southern regarding Ireland of the Thomas Crofton and you will Fairy and Everyone Stories of your own Irish Peasantry by W.B. Yeats.

Stories of Dullahan are believed so you’re able to stem from a xdating recenzГ­ brief history of the old Celts, who does tend to sever the fresh heads of the opposition because an effective manifestation of disrespect and you may guilt. It was noticed the latest heart is located in the lead.


Elves is character morale which can be found in certain folklore and you may mythology around the globe. The phrase Elf encompasses some beings one to differ all over cultures, but it is mostly associated with very early Germanic people, The uk, and you will Iceland, and also in Teutonic and you will Norse mythology.

Initially, the phrase Elf integrated most of the varieties of Fae in Anglo-Saxon, nonetheless it ultimately found portray a specific types of Fae. Over time, of a lot cultures approved it move when you look at the meaning too. Elves is person-such as for instance Fae who’ll changes their appearance easily.

  • Schrat (German)
  • Grove men and women otherwise Elvor (Sweden)
  • Ellen otherwise Elle Folks (Danish)
  • Spae-wives (Iceland)


Gean-Canach is a type of Fae into the Irish myths known for smoking a great dudeen (clay tube). Gean-Canach ( noticable Ghan-Caw-nah) virtually translates to ‘Like Talker’ and you can means faeries recognized for their capability in order to end up being sexy otherwise enchanting using their voices.

You can easily admit a great Gean-Canach faery from the their lack of shade, good mist that swirls up to your, as well as the birds will minimize vocal.

Legend says you to any girl who’s unfortunate sufficient to kiss a Gean-Canach faery are destined given that he would disappear as fast as he had searched, leaving them to perish off interest.


Into the European folklore, Gnomes is earth spirits who happen to live in surface. These Fae resemble dwarfs and generally are have a tendency to viewed dressed in gowns just like good Monk’s behavior. It increasingly include a myriad of treasure, quarries, and you will mines.

The word [Gnome] are popularized courtesy works of your 16th-100 years Swiss alchemist Paracelsus where gnomes had been called able to of swinging by way of strong environment just like the fish proceed through liquid.


Kobolds are small house morale that regarded as some naughty if missing or mistreated. Some reports even allege might wickedly stop anyone of behind who had curved right down to discover anything upwards.